what movie did george hamilton and sophia loren make together?

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Answered: What size dress did Sophia Loren wear? If she was fat, I would love for

i do not think that a 10 or 12 is huge, but to many in these times people do think so. todays fashion is to be skinny, too skinny. women should look like women, not sticks. sorry if i didn't state it that way.

Answered: Is it free to watch movies on Niter?

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Answered: About Sophia Loren

As far as I could find, it looks like the best connection would be The Millionairess, in which Sophia Loren plays the world's richest woman. She doesn't work in a pasta factory, but another character (Vittorio de Sica) plays the owner of a pasta sweatshop. Sounds pretty interesting, even though it ...

Answered: Natalie cole/George Benson

Yes, they're a couple of singers/musicians. Did you have a question about them?

Answered: I'm looking for the movie Pure Country from George Strait

here is whara you can bye it http://www.amazon.com/Country-Original-Motion-Picture-Soundtrack/dp/B000002OLN
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