what month did leo get on twitter?

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You can get facebook fans from http://famecrowd.com/, they start delivering the fans within the same day and they even have a tracking area for clients.

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Yes, it can be helpful though it depends on how you use it. Read this "Tips on Using Twitter Effectively for Online Marketing "

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You need followers if you want start something, where is the point in that if nobody will see it ? Forger follow me and i will follow you back. you will never get that much twitter followers you need for make some advertise. Try some social media marketing sites, there is a see of choice on web. But ...
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Vishnu Well if u r wondering what u can do when logged on to twitter ive put together some dat from the net into a consolidated post which would walk u through through things u could do on twitter... to have fun.. to do ur stuff... to promote your product or even to find a job: http ...


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