What might happen if the President of the Senate were given the same powers as the Speaker of the House? What problems could arise?

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Answered: Which president has given the most money to Israel

America gives very little cash to Israel. However, President Eisenhower petitioned Congress for a $12.25 million block grant to fund the building of an irrigation project in 1953. President Kennedy personally granted $12 million to Israel in exchange for an Embassy in Tel Aviv, a Consulate in ...

Answered: The Balance of Power

Dear Jeff, I agree with you. 2 thumbs up to you.

Answered: Gearhead speakers power will not stay on

check your cable first if it is okay then check your internal wiring may be there is some problem there..

Answered: Computer problem and internet problem

I could not relate this post, what exactly is the problem? I am not able to recognize it. http://mhelpdesk.com/field-service-management-software/

Answered: Major garrett, white house corresondent what happened to major garrett

Major Garrett left Fox News and is returning to print journalism . He is joining the National Journal as a congressional correspondent.
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They probably knew that it would end up this way. One thing is for sure, they held the Americans hostages in this battle..

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