what methocarbamol dosage is used to treat migraines?

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Answered: Are there any effective but natural remedies to use to treat migraines or

Yes there is natural remedies for migraines Please know that you can overcome living with migraines. I suffered for approx 28 yrs and they became chronic. The worst for me was the drugs from the doctors. The stronger the drugs the stronger the migraines! to the point of becoming chronic. The ...

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Answered: Hi my wife gets pains down one side every so often but no headache. could

Dear Peter You may have heard that a symptom of migraines is pain on one side of the head. This is a common (not universal) symptom, but could also indicate a cluster headache or even (though rarely) a tension headache. Migraine pain is usually quite severe, but a tension headache is usually just a ...
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Has anyone tried biofeedback in treating chronic migraines?

Last year, I used biofeedback treatment for chronic headaches and I experienced noticeable results. A test is administered to check your responses to stimuli. Then your therapy is designed on the basis of this feedback. Source: http://www.therapies4all.com/biofeedback.html

Is it common to wake up with a migraine?

If you are a migraine sufferer like I was it is fairly common. I used to wake up with the migraine starting and growing into a full blown migraine by mid morning that usually lasted for 4 days per week. I had to have a certain size and firm pillow in order to have a good nite sleep. Sometimes I just ...


Might stop with age but age differs. To me the only solution that is able to stop it 100% is at http://sufferingfrommigraine.com I can eat and do anything and not coming on but I have to take it daily. Small price to pay. Medicine never worked for me and I was taking anything anyone ever suggested ...

Brain tumor - or migraine??

Migraines feels like you are dying in any minute, but the pain mostly concentrates around one of the eye. The pain from brain tumor might be felt in some other area of the head.