what mental disorder does charlie cheswick have?

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Answered: Think I might have a mental disorder, and not sure what to do

You probably need medical help and we can't give you any, just advice to go to a doctor and talk to them. I first think of a disorder called bipolar, but I'm not the person to tell you this. You didn't say how old you were so If you are old enough to go to the doctor without a parent then do it.

Answered: Schizopod/mental disorder. Dose anyone know of the mental condition?

You can take a look at Recoveryconnection.org . This website has very good information about mental disorders and their treatment. The website also runs a round-the clock toll-free national helpline at 1-800-993-3869 for help.

Answered: Terminal stupidity.

Leftists are always desperate to malinger their way out of their duty. There is no insulting ruse a leftist will not engineer to get out of work. There is no lie these people will not spread to get their way. Never does any leftist ever expect to actually spread their delusions. Leftists have an ...

Answered: How to cope with the depression of bipolar disorder?

Here are some effective ways to treat the depression of bipolar disorder: Exercise Diet and nutrition Gratitude, give, gloat Source: http://www.bipolar-lives.com/bipolar-depression-treatments.html

Answered: Is Bipolar Disorder curable or can your chemical imbalance ajust itself

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Were do i go for mental health

Obamacare would have REQUIRED mental health "counseling" to get rid of all rational persons as rational persons do not scream, "Turn on, burn down, and blow up" as leftists do. Such is the insane racism of all leftists, and that is why only leftists support Obama -- because Obama's vocablary ...

Dealing/Coping with severe Panic Disorder

Thanks for all of your comments and support. I have been in psychotherapy for the past 6-7 years, learning various behavioral techniques, including breathing treatments, and the like. I have not had good luck with the SSRIs, have been on Paxil and Lexapro (both horrible for me) and am now on ...

I have a 26 year old son with bipolar disorder ...

Hi there, I know it would be really hard time for you to go through. Have you tried to seek some professional help for your son? It would be wise to take expert help as soon as possible. Check out SubsanceAbuse.com . God bless you!

Is Charlie Sheen's tour a bust?

I wish that celebrity losers like Charlie Sheen would just get over themselves already! Why doesn't he go to Wisconsin and help the protesters­. It might wake him out of his self-obses­sed insanity. He might even be inspired to do some good like his father. The least he could do is spend his money ...