what medication was j edgar hoover injected with?

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Answered: Injections vs pills

I would not try a prescription drug of that choice, considering the side effects and the side effects it may have on your prostate. Try a more natural supplement. I use Lexaryn at http://www.lexaryn.com/ and it has worked above all

Answered: What did J. Edgar Hoover do?

Isn't he the one that liked to wear women's clothes?

Answered: John edgar hoover..Receipe for popovers..Heard on paul harvey

CD Kitchen (online) claims to have Hoover's personal recipe and it's slightly different from this one.

Answered: I Want to register my new Hoover vacuum.

Try using your browser to go to Hoover's website. You'll have a lot better luck there.

Answered: Names of Doctors or clinics in Phoenix, Arizona, who give you medication

Take a look at www.healthgrades.com for local doctors. Good luck.
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What drugs did J. Edgar Hoover take?

He propaly did use a meth amphetamine product. That was seen as a energy (pep) and a slim product.

Who was J. Edgar Hoover's longtime roommate?

His name was Clyde Tolson, Associate Director in the FBI. You can chose to believe that they were a couple, or just two men who worked together and became good friends. There are different stories from the people who knew them, so take your pick.

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