what market is effected by a hurricane in the gulf coast?

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Answered: Gulf Coast hurricanes

On average we can see 2-3 hurricanes each year reach the gulf of Mexico. Although we may not see any in a given year just has we have over the past few years - the odds are that we will continue to have a high probability that we will see at least 1-2 hurricanes in the gulf per season. Once the ...

Answered: How to do market research?

The basics you should know about market research is: Primary Research: The goal of primary research is to gather data from analyzing current sales and the effectiveness of current practices. Secondary Research: The goal of secondary research is to analyze data that has already been published ...

Answered: What are the most effective methods of marketing ...

Are you asking a question about which media to use or what is the most effective marketing method? If method, then you should 1. Get your existing customers to buy more from you more often, 2. Reactive old customers who are no longer buying, 3. Put a formal referral program into place. Your most ...

Answered: What are the lastest trends in business marketing at the moment?Which

Well there are different strategies will be applied to the different countries and really according to the situation and also different countries there will be a different strategy even in different state in one country there will be a different strategy like in business marketing manchester and in ...

Answered: How effective is radiation treatment for a dog's adrenal tumor

There's no blanket statement for an answer. Each case is different. It could have no effect. It could have minimal effect. It could have moderate effect. It could cure. Size, location, growth rate and genetic makeup of the tumor all factor in.

Answered: What happened to Gulf Cottage, Mentor-on-the Lake, Ohio? It's gone!

GULL Cottage is what I meant to type. It was a bungalow by Lake Erie in Mentor or Mentor-on-the-Lake, Ohio. I wanted to buy that house years ago. Was it torn down or ruined by the lake? There is an empty lot there now.
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What happens if the wrong marketing channel is chosen by the firm?

Astruggle at least, at worst out of business. The first rule of Marketing is "know your customer." Following that rule leads to fairly good conclusions about how to reach them-the correct Marketing channel.

Aid for Gulf Coast hurricane victims

I am not sure if we can really tell what the government is doing . It is all just numbers given by the government , how can someone ensure they are doing what they are saying they are doing? Here is an article saying what the government is doing. As for what is actually being done only time will ...

What are the effects of Internationalization of financial Markets?

There is an adverse effect for example international increased sensitivity to international events. However the positive one includes that there is access to international markets with funds. You can learn more on it here http://www.researchomatic.com/internationalization-of-financial-markets-136177 ...

Florida Gulf Coastat the End of April

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