what makes up Saudi Arabia?

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Answered: Does my Saudi Arabia visa have to be valid when i exit?

To be 100% sure I would contact the Saudi Embassy that issued you your visa. Why take any unnecessary chances?

Answered: Right now I am working in Saudi Arabia, now want ...

This web site will answer your questions about visa requirements having to do with Saudi Arabia. I would also check with your new company and see what they require before you make the move.

Answered: Can i get a work visa for saudi arabia if i have got a criminal record

This is from the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia having to do with getting an employment visa. Make sure you read number 10. http://saudiembassy.net/Travel/VisaReq-Employment.asp

Answered: Saudi and female visitors

I think that you can go and live over there provided there is also some female in their apartment but if there are only men then it can cause trouble as according to the Islamic rules of Saudi Arabia a man or woman is prohibited to live with a person strange of opposite gender.

Answered: Saudi Visa Embossing

There is no information on the Internet regarding your question or on the Saudi web site. I suggest you contact a travel agent and ask them if they know the answer to your question.

Answered: Saudi visit visa requirement

For information about a visa for Saudi Arabia, go to this web page .
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This is the official web page from the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia that deals with visas. Here you will find the answers to your questions as well as other questions you might have while visiting Saudi Arabia. On this web site , you will find Saudi Embassies and Consulates.

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