what makes petunias so sticky?

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Answered: My hands and arms feel clammy and sticky

Try using rubber gloves next time you choke your chicken.

Answered: What would make a glossy photo "sticky" and adhere to a plastic page

It essentially comes down to the physics and chemistry of the type of plastic and photo paper used. Classic photography uses photo paper coated with several layers of dye and silver compounds suspended in gelatin. Usually, this paper is resin coated, but fiber based papers exist as well, and ...

Answered: My wave petunias, in hanging baskets are very ...

There are a couple of brands of Wave petunias, each has a different growing habit. You have to make sure you feed them properly. Apply a liquid fertilizer every 10 to 14 days or use a combination of liquid and a slow-release fertilizer. Always follow the recommendations shown on the labels! You can ...

Answered: How to make cat gravy

Keep reading my mind and you just might have to build a bigger barn.

Answered: How to make glue

The simplest glue is that made from a paste of flour and water. Here are the steps: Put plain white flour and water into a bowl. The amount is up to you, as it depends on how much glue you need for your project. Mix the flour and water together until a smooth paste is achieved. It should not be ...
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