what makes ears sensitive to cold?

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Answered: Uncertain Causes of Sensitivity in my Teeth

Thank You...This all started many years ago when I was growing up and had poor denistry care. And the advances made over the last 2-3 decades have been very helpful. In fact if a person eats and brushes and uses the available treatments I can't see any reason to even have a cavity or dental work ...

Answered: What makes a puppies ears stand? I taped my Yorkies ears just for one

A Yorkies ears are supposed to stand up. that's what makes them so cute. You do not want them to flop.

Answered: Tooth is sensitive to both hot and cold, but no pain during the day?

Pay me now or pay me later. You have a choice albeit not recommended. You may have the tooth or teeth extracted. This I would not suggest unless you are willing to pay for titanium implants at about $1000 per implant plus lab work. Removing teeth is like removing the keystone from a wall structure ...

Answered: What to do for itchy dry crusty bumps looks like cauliflour inside dog

Hi the dog has a ear infection. I recommend you take it to the vet but if you cant afford that go to the pet store get some ear wash for dogs do not use soap and water it will make it worse then get ear meds for ear infection if you cant get it in the pet store go online to PET MEDS and you can find ...

Answered: Im trying to make my ear drain

well considering u asked 10months ago i guess u probaly don't have one now but in the future if it should happen agian heat some salt on stove then put in a washcloth and rest it with earliying on it it has always worked for myself & my kids

Answered: What is the best soap for sensitive skin? I have ...

Natural goat milk soap is made with mild and gentle, natural, ingredients. It's healthful and nourishing for skin, unlike most commercial soaps. I have sensitive skin, myself. It has helped me a lot and others I know too! Learn the facts about natural goats milk soap: www.natural-goat ...
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Ear nosie

Have you got any answers for this question? I too have ringing in my ears which is driving me nuts!

Why do i hear myself talking in my ear and my ear feels plugged. Doctors

That would probably be due to ear wax. Try Audiclean , it is an effective ear wax remover. It gently and safely clears your ears without the painful swelling of ear wax.

What do i do for my mom who has an ear infection and a possible head cold

If you suspect an infection then she needs to see a doctor.

My dog has been scratching her ears a lot and I think she might have ear

Yep I also have used Dr.Dogs Ear Oil. It worked very well for our dog I would suggest anybody try it first . The bottle is cheap like you said and it is very easy to use and all natural!!! I figured why take the time to make some home brewed stuff when this was so cheap anyways and they take all ...