what makes an excellent president's column?

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Answered: How do I select a column in Microsoft Excel? (I'm trying to delete that

For example, if you want to delete A column. Click A and then right click. Select delete.

Answered: To print one column of a worksheet, highlight the column and choose to

Even though your question appears incomplete I think I know what you mean. To print one column you have to select the whole column by clicking on the column header. Then if you're in Excel 2007: 1) click on the Page Layout tab in the ribbon 2) in the Page Setup section select Print Area/Set ...

Answered: Standing Column Well

Let me see if I got this right. You say you have 3 -- 50hp sump pumps and you are hauling 0nly 250,000 gallons a day. Next you say your basement fills with water 4'-6' deep. That means your basement is about 62,000 square feet. That includes 96" lally columns every 24' O/C. The only basement I ...

Answered: Excel

Assuming the data is in A1 to A155 =COUNTIF(A1:A155,"x") will suffice. For more on the syntax try the advanced Excel manual available for 2003 and 2007 at http://www.mousetraining.co.uk/ms-training/microsoft-excel-training-courses.html

Answered: Is President Obama brain-dead or just stoned?

ROCMIKE GAVE US A DAY WITHOUT PORN. IS HE JUST TEASING US?-He still posted for hours and hours under his aliases. He posted under Renner, Justice, Snicker anonymous and anonymous. He put up 3 questions that nobody posted on. He was also ignored on his alias posts. Nobody cares what this insane ...

Answered: Excel - Conditional Formatting Bug

Check to make sure the the row number in the formula matches up with the row number the formatting is on. You might have COUNTIF(A:A,A2)>1 on row 3 so the formatting is dependant on what is in a2 rather than a3.
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In C13 enter =B13+D13. Then select C13 through C113 and use Control-D to Fill Down.

Excel Advanced Function Question

I think you would need a function like =if(and(condition 1, condition2."x","y") To pick up both conditions the rest of yoour function looks accurate. I will watch this question as I would love to know the full answer

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hi, you need to be more specific before others can help you. such as, how are these records lay out, where are the mailing address in relation to the shipping address etc. I am assuming these are in an Excel file. Exactly how do you want it sorted? It would help if you can provide an example.