what makes a kite unstable?

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Answered: Rumba kite Where can I buy a rumba kite.? They first came out in the

I don't know where to get one but I'm glad to see someone else in the world remembers these.Wewould get tem at the drug store. They were red and came in small plastic bags. Great easy flyers.

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Keep reading my mind and you just might have to build a bigger barn.

Answered: Stunt kite

Hi Frank, Check out goodwinds.com. That where I found most of my kite spars, from 4mm to 12mm and they have other parts also,, good luck, Bob

Answered: Unstable aol

Hi Larry: For assistance, please refer to the help articles below. - Address Book is missing - Personal Filing Cabinet did not transfer to the upgraded or reinstalled AOL Desktop

Answered: How was kite surfing invented?

In 1800 George Pocock increased the size of the kite and used it as a sail for cars on land. The modern kite surf, as we know it, made its debut at the beginning of the 90's in Maui, Hawaii.
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