what magaZINE went on sale for the first time in May?

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Answered: Is it bad if im thinking about buying maxim when im officially 18 because

Why on earth would it be bad? It's a good enough magazine. Not one of my favorites, but a good enough read and reasonably entertaining.

Answered: 1936 and1937 magazine with a section called-Interesting People

The American Magazine had a section called America's Interesting People during that decade.

Answered: 2009 Time Magazine Person of the Year

I like it, the fed chairman has been a more prominent figure this year than almost anyone else I can think of.

Answered: Why did Tim Bradburn of Someday Sales, Inc. demonstrate horrible customer

If you truly have an 'ax to grind' -or a cause to champion, then stop being an 'Anonymous ' wimp ! - Get up there and shout your case in the open, under your name . Doing it this way is petty, cowardly and childish !

Answered: The law on time share sales.

Check with your real estate commission in your state as well as the state where the property is located. It sounds a little fishy to me. Never heard of it here in Maryland. Commissions, yes, but sales fees no,
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Who should be Time Magazine's Person of the Year?

I can't think of anyone else that has been in the news this year more than Obama. The news has reported positive as well as negative on him. He deserves the title. Seeing that Time Magazine is a news magazine, and Obama made plenty of news, he deserves it. Be Blessed

The Order I placed for 2 year subscription

Sorry, AOL Answers does not have any knowledge of your Amazon order. I suggest that you call Amazon. They might be able to cancel your order.

Value of a jet magazine 1968 (auto generated) janet league and neil

Jet is owned by Johnson Publishing Company. You can write to them and ask if the 1968 magazines you have are worth anything today. Here is their web site .

How to sell a time share.

don't pay any co. up frount they just lie to you.they don't have a buyer theysay to get money. they are all scams