what lotion is the equivilant of dermassage?

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Answered: I ordered two eight ounce bottles of Cegal lotion from a website for $2

Yes, the price was great. Especially after I tried the lotion!! Believe it or not, I ordered it from 'Jefferson's Pets!!' It stated that they only had a limited supply...and so they did......I wish now I'd ordered a 'case!' I found it on another Website, but can't remember which one. It was "$16 ...

Answered: What tanning lotion should I use?

you can use idol tan and you should not use that sell at the salon.

Answered: Where can i find thymes body lotion in or near clifton park ny

Try searching www.insiderpages.com to find a place.

Answered: Where can you buy Jhirmack hand lotion?

My wife loves the apple blossom foot cream, thats what brought me here, looking for more. Thanks,

Answered: Are there sun tan lotions that protect and tan

What i have done is this in the past. I have taken tanning lotion with no spf and applied it to my skin 30 minutes before tanning. While tanning I would throw on some spf15. I have always had great results from doing this. Normally I would use supre black label, then any store bought spf. Good ...
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Sunless tanning lotion is green !!???

Contact any Avon rep and ask them, they should know. Got to avon.com and you can find one in your area fairly easily.

Bath Lotion for aging skin

Consider using handcrafted bath salts and handcrafted lotions made with natural ingredients. The bath salts are unique, as they soften skin as well as detoxify the body. The lotion contains healthful, mild and gentle, natural ingredients for all kinds of skin. It is available in natural scents as ...

Can you work this problem out for me

The system won't let me answer you (cuts me at stage 1) !!!!!!! sorry......

Does anyone know a good lotion for very dry skin?

Yes, goat milk lotion is great for dry skin.