what logo in the logos games has a green triangle with the word leroy up the side?

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Answered: Logo Designs

You can try: http://www.printsmart.ie http://www.adsmart.ie

Answered: When is a bad logo design actually good?

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Answered: Word puzzle - 1st 2 letters = man, next 3 letters = woman, next 4 letters

Heroines. he=man, her=woman, hero=great conqueror

Answered: Can We Feature an AOL Property (TUAW) Logo in our website?

Hi Vincent Mikes, Please contact TUAW support regarding your inquiry. You can reach them at www.tuaw.com/contact/feedback . Also, here's an additional article that may be of help: TUAW Site FAQ

Answered: Average Logo Price?

Somewhere between $299 to $599. For that price you could get a professional logo designer for almost 10 years of experience with awards. Your budget determines how much effort should a designer to work on your project. Before a project starts, designer will often give you a list of questionnaire to ...

Answered: What's your favorite word?

My favorite word is the l word .
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I looked on Google images as well and found only one Leprechaun mascot spinning a basketball and it was the Boston Celtics. Here is the link to that picture. I couldn't find any of the Notre Dame Leprechaun spinning a basketball though.

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