what local stores sell cruex jock itch spray?

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Answered: Jock itch cured with no remedies??

i know this sounds weird, but try bathing your groin with mouthwash, this also works on athletes foot.

Answered: Sprays

We Specialize in Non-aerosol sprays!

Answered: My husband has severe jock itch. he can stop ...

Take him to a dermatologist. There are hundreds of different medications on the market. One doctor's visit may help to get the best medication.

Answered: What is a good cure for jock itch ?

there are several creams and aerosols that can do the trick. This is a fungus that anti fungal treatment can take care of quite easily. You can also make sure to dry those areas carefully after taking a shower. fungi like moisture and drying that moisture is a good preventive measure to take.

Answered: Stop leak spray

what retail stores sell stop leak spray?

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