What Linda McMahon Is Doing Now?

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Answered: Vince McMahon

Nothing in the world of wrestling is real! If there is nothing in the papers or in the press about a series investigation, it means that the explosion is a part of the wrestling world and not the real world. Do you really think that a millionaire’s car would be blown up and the police won’t do a ...

Answered: Who killed Linda Stein?

I guess that killing is always strange and sad. But you're right, this crime does seem like something out of "Twin Peaks." The police have arrested Linda Stein's personal assistant, Natavia Lowery, for second-degree murder. The weapon was apparently a "yoga" or Pilates stick, but hasn't been found ...

Answered: Was Linda McNeil in an undercover situation in 2005?

Read the story here http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26041516/
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Vince McMahon injured accident wwe mania

We should all be aware that WWE stunts, matches are all staged and rehearsed. I remember watching that episode and the accident seemed part of it. Otherwise, McMahon would surely get a huge accident settlements from that incident.

Mayweather against McMahon and de la Hoya

Sure he can get hurt. Just because he excells in boxing, he is entering a totally different more brutal sport. But I guess that his ego is getting in the way.

Where is and who is Linda Houck Department of Health Services?

There is no mention of her on the MDCH web site. You can contact them and ask. Here is the link .

Linda Hank Cavanaugh Widow on the Hill

Yes, definately. She wanted the Cavannagh's entire estate and she used her looks and her ingenuine concern for the whole family to get what she wanted. Donna Sumerville should be ashamed of herself and if she has any decency at all about her she will settle the estate with the two daughters. BTW I ...