what letter means excuse or forgive or release from punishment?

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Answered: Brandon...I forgive you...You will always be in my heart...Always

Madam Z is wise woman. She provide much wisdom to AOL people with problems.

Answered: E-mail lettering

You can find the "formatting option" in bottom while composing a new mail. In that you can change the font size. Or If you want to set default means, go to settings -> General -> Text style. You can change here.

Answered: Free Doctor's Excuse Letters and Where to Find Them

Thanks for pointing this out. Have you thought about going into politics?

Answered: Are you truly able to forgive? Or do you forgive and never forget? Do you

Forgive the person, forget the deed. Otherwise U get a nasty grudge. U can't think clearly w/ grudge to control U. Let go Ur hate.

Answered: Dont you think her advice was just an excuse to get me to buy more even

You can be proud of yourself for not buying any clothes for so long. You should also congratulate yourself for finally realizing that you no longer need or want any more clothes. However, blaming someone who doesn't know you and who hasn't treated you for giving you generic advice is not appropriate ...
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I do, in fact I just mailed a short letter to my mom thanking her for being my mom and let her know she is appreciated. I also have written many letters to apologize for my behavior, but one thing you should not do is apologize if you don't mean it or if you are going to continue the behavior.

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In British usage, a tanner was a sixpence, and a bob was a shilling.

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This is very disturbing ...Justice isn't always what you expect it to be although looking at cases through the papers isn't always the most informative way you can consume all the information.

If I want to write a dispute letter to a large ...

The disadvantage is: If the person you send it to does not answer unsolicited mail, your letter may get trashed or shifted down the totem pole and lost. By sending it to a specific department, like "Customer Service" or "Consumer Resources", you may get a faster and more direct response.