What languages are spoken by Marie Curie?

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Answered: Language

Sumerian cuneiform and Egyptian hieroglyphs go back to before 3000 BC. Of languages still in use, Greek goes back to around 1450 BC, and Old Chinese around 1200 BC.

Answered: What languages are spoken by Zvi Griliches?

Zvi Griliches speaks no languages now. He died in 1999. He did speak at least Russian, Hebrew and English. Since his boyhood was in Lithuania, he probably spoke Lithuanian. Since he was in Dachau, presumably he learned some German. He might have spoken Polish.

Answered: How early can you begin attempting to teach your child how to speak a

The answer is simple: at ANY age - the younger the better! I live in a bilingual environment, my three children learnt two quite different languages at an early age and have found it much easier to pick up other languages later than children mastering only their mother tongue. As young adults, they ...

Answered: What is the native language spoken in gambia

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Answered: What is the difference between spoken word and a ...

we are use the word spoken when i am talk to other and the the word speach is a word when a lot of people is hear the one man talk

Answered: How did op-op language come about?

Do you mean "hip-hop?" Hip-Hop came from the urban neighborhoods
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He doesn't speak any lanquages. He died June 27, 2001.

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