What kind ofbad gene is this p.S341p?

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Answered: What is the quote by Gene Perret,

Falling in love is like buying a new car and marriage is the first scratch

Answered: Is there such a thing as a thin gene?

I don't think there is anything such as a thin gene. Genetics do a play a role in passing down diseases or conditions that may cause obesity however. Things like slower metabolism and possible chances of having thyroid gland problems are all chances passed down. I don't think that you can just get a ...

Answered: Does Gene Simmons have a tattoo?

No, he does not.

Answered: Lysine bridge in crotalidae?

The "Lysine bridge" is not a genomic bridge per se. It is a protein synthetic process that takes place in the animal's venom glands: the formation of crotalid venom is a very complex process beginning with L-Lysine and G-Lysine, forming serotonin, histamine, and valine in concentrations varying ...

Answered: How much does Gene Simmons earn a year?

Alot! He has his own show on A&E and a clothing label called MoneyBags. His actual net worth is not a matter of public record. KISS was (and still is) such a money-making machine. Music, live performances, and merchandise sales have made all of the band members very rich indeed.
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Genes are part of your DNA, and they would wash right down the drain. Jeans might be labeled not to wash in a washing machine if the dye is not color-fast. You don't want your sheets and underwear turning blue. Levi Strauss says jeans will last longer if you don't machine wash them. But it's up ...

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Please don't explain to this dork how facebook works, we've all been laughing at him for months. Thx for your help but please don't help.