what kind of tree has fern like leaves and pods?

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Answered: Green tree pod with brown red spots

i see some of that but i dont now what that tree name

Answered: I have ferns inside the house, they look nice but every day are leaves

The air in your house is probably a little too dry for the fern. Ferns like high humidity. Try misting them twice a day. http://botanical-journeys-plant-guides.com/asparagus-ferns.html PR: wait... I: wait... L: wait... LD: wait... I: wait... wait... Rank: wait... Traffic ...

Answered: How to properly transport ferns, particularly tree ...

Ferns and Petals are can be used to express your regards and feeling of love to a particular person on his or her Anniversary as such it can be done by sending decorative and beautiful flower arrangement to bring bright colors in their life. In general flowers can be used to send affection, love ...

Answered: The leaves of my grapefruit tree have turned to a ...

Soil to wet, soil to cold which cause nutrient deficeincy, soil to compact with lack of oxygen getting to the roots, soil to dry, lack of iron, lack of nitrogyn, lack of sunlight and so on.

Answered: I heard the pods from the honey lotus are edible ...

the honey lotus tree does have edible pods for humans. Wait thill the beans are full in them then bust open the pod and you can eat the bean and the liquid inside. They say to make sure you lick your fingers so you do not miss out on any of the sweet taste

Answered: What could be the cause of holes in leaf buds of peach trees? Any info

Certain insects could be the reason for the holes. You might try spraying with a natural insect killer. Go to your local gardening store (or a Home Depot) and speak with an employee in the gardening department. Good luck.
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My very small and young spathodea campanulata tree ...


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