What kind of snacks do you eat with cognac?

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Answered: How can I get my kids to eat healthy snacks?

Being their parents, you should be a role model for them. Having healthy foods to eat at home is a great way to start kids to eat healthy. You should also prepare healthy school lunch for them to avoid kids buying junk foods at school.

Answered: Snack healthy, or not at all?

choose your snacks. be healthy

Answered: Healthy Snacking

Here's some healthy snack suggestions: http://www.healthy-snacks.org

Answered: How Often Do You Snack?

when im doing nothing. i love snacks. some chips, cookies and candies.

Answered: Help: I snack even when i'm not hungry!

discipline. control yourself . do anything to forget the snacks. haha

Answered: Gluten Free Snacks

I've been browsing Gluten Free Palace for gift ideas and I found that they sell a whole bunch of gluten free items, right from breads, cookies and cakes to snacks and condiments. Worth looking into.
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How can i stop snacking between meals? i eat quite well but i always feel

One suggestion would be to slowly drink water quite frequently during the day, especially after meals & snacking. Of course, you will need to be near a bathroom! Good luck! Rosie

How can i make my snacks healthier?

instead of junk foods, eat veggies and make some fresh fruit juices,

How can I eat healthy on the go?

'Chew the liquids, drink the solids' is a slogan of the Naturopaths.It does have a message. The first stage of digestion begins in the mouth itself.Do not eat mechanically.Be conscious of the smell, temperature,color, and such details.Observe a cat eating.Eat while you eat, totally involved and ...

Low Fat Snacks for School

nuts and fresh fruits.