what kind of smoke detector to replace firex model fx1218?

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Answered: Differences between smoke alarms and smoke detectors?

There is no significant difference between the two. A smoke detector is an alarm device that automatically detects the presence of smoke, which is also called a smoke alarm. The difference between the two is described in Chapter 3 of NFPA 72. In Section 3.3.179, 2002 Edition, a smoke alarm is, "A ...

Answered: My smoke detector in my bedroon want stop churping ...

You need to change the battery.This is a warning that the battery is running low.

Answered: Why does my smoke detector keep chirping?

A chirping smoke alarm is usually a sign that the battery which powers it will soon drop to a level where the unit will not sense smoke and other particles from a fire, and not sound its alarm. There may be a poor connection between the battery terminals and the battery. Even though it may be a ...

Answered: Where are the best places to install smoke detectors in my house?

A smoke detector can alert you of a fire with an alarm loud enough to wake even the soundest sleepers. They work by sensing rising smoke and heat, and save many lives each year. It's important to install smoke detectors near sleeping areas, on every level of your home, and in hallways. Consider ...

Answered: My smoke detectors make beeping sound even after I replaced all

I guess it's the smoke detector's problem. Verify it by using certain test equipment . It’s available in electrical stores.

Answered: Smoke detector chirps

my smoke detector chirps every minute what can I do short of changing the batteries they are new.
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Smoke alarm battery problem

Sound like the smoke alarm could catch fire! I think you need to get this device replaced.

Multiple smoke alarms started sounding (not just beepimg)at once with no

Have your smoke detector tested. Certain stores sell test equipment to know it works. You'll know where the problem is if these test equipment are used.

Smoke Detector sounding mysteriously

Is it a new smoke alarm? If not, you should check it once in a while. There is test equipment available for rent . In that way, you will know where the problem is.

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