what kind of planes is ripslinger?

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Answered: What do you think about the actions of the airman and the plane's

It took two and they are fools and he needs his penis cut off with just enough left to pee.

Answered: How do you get a list of who was on this plane? We ...

Measures to which planes are compared by are different. There are several angles to look from all those aircraft models. largest plane in the world

Answered: Missing Air France Plane

Neo: Is there a charity set up for the family members. If so please direct us to this.

Answered: How often do plane crash?

Usualy, just once, then the plane is toteled.

Answered: Food to be taken on plane

Will you be flying over the holidays this year? With inevitable airport delays and dismal in-flight food options, packing a meal for the plane has become essential, but also more complicated, thanks to tighter security. What can we carry on the plane? Here are some answers — and fresh ideas. The ...
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Hello Roy! Tell us why you have a tag line that says: "Go AOLanswers" please. Most people despise AOLanswers, and I am curious as to why you like them. Thank you, njoy*

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The last time I flew on a plane was in the early 80s.I flew to chicago on a nearly empty dc10, and flew back on a crowded smokey sardine can 727.By the way,if any of you people that fly jets are green activists you better start driving instead,because jets emissions dump millions and millions of ...