what kind of pinpointer does the diggers use?

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Answered: Earthquake post hole digger wont start. New gas,new plug,getting spark

Remove the spark plug and spray some starter fluid/carb cleaner into the chamber. It is fires, then there is an obstruction to gas flow, most like in to carburetor. The gas filter could be clogged.

Answered: My daughter had a stuffed dog called "Digger ...

Looks like at least one person out there might have a Digger to sell: http://toys.icollectorbazaar.com/21558_stuffed_digger_the_dog_from_the_1970_s_18ty1.shtml

Answered: Pinpoint pupils

I know that chlorpromazine causes symptoms such as widening or narrowing of the pupils amongst other symptoms. chlorpromazine is an antipsychotic used to treat manic depressents and symptoms of schizophrenia. hope this helped

Answered: How to divorce a gold digger and leave her penniless

In the hard way !. File for a divorce. Hire a good attorney that will make sure you'll get what you ligally deserve. He/she will also guide you with what to do and what not to do.......

Answered: How to use gold digger ww22-21930 metal detector?

After using the gold metal detector I found that it is really a good device, it can not only help to save time but also can help you to save energy. And besides being used for looking for gold, the gold metal detectors can alao be used to help the archologist in finding treasures and used in many ...

Answered: How do I stop my wife from emptying out our 401k while we are

You need to contact a divorce attorney so that he/she can file the necessary paperwork to stop your wife from emptying out your joint 401k. You can find a good one in your local area through the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers website (http://www.aaml.org/custom/directory/search.cfm). Good ...
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A Grave Digger's Grave Digger.

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It's a farm implement used to uproot quack grass infestations. I can't say how old they are, but I do know there were horse drawn quack diggers. They weren't very effective, as I well know. The most common result was to widen the area of quack grass by raking fragmented roots into areas that were ...