what kind of paint to use to repaint a concrete deer statues?

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Answered: Trex Decking over an old concrete patio

We have a few customers that have used Trex Decking and are really enjoying the results, so I can say that it comes with good reviews. However, installing anything over concrete is something you should look into. Trex has a great installation guide with downloadable PDF's you can look into. http ...

Answered: How to Paint Concrete Garden Stones

Exterior paint for stucco should work. Any good exterior primer should be a good start. You probably wouldn't need to seal them. Exterior paint is made to endure the elements.

Answered: What is the best way to remove paint and plaster droppings from a

If it's fresh it should just scrape up. Get a flat hoe like tool you can get into with and try that . If you use a power washer inside you can mess up the walls but if it's outside then ok

Answered: What is the price of concrete in ft.myers,fl

You can google this information.
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Painting concrete floor

Painting concrete floor is not an easy task, but if you do it right you get a great effect with a considerable "wow" factor. follow the instuctions here: http://www.hintsandthings.co.uk/workshop/paintingconcretefloor..htm more info here: http://www.behr.com/behrx/act/view/products?catId=5&sc ...

I recently purchased Sherwin William's epoxy paint ...

Most all garage floor paint I have encountered is not formulated to adhere to anything except the bare concrete substrate. If you do not have access to compressed air to sandblast as suggested above, I would look into a chemical stripper/etcher. If all else fail you cannot go wrong by following ...

How to paint concrete

Hi! This site will help you http://www.doityourself.com/stry/paintconcretewallfl There is a tutorial there on how to paint concrete. Pool Repair

Deer and grapes

Nope !.