what kind of metal detector is used on american diggers?

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Answered: Where to buy a metal detector

eBay has alot of both used and new detectors in any price range

Answered: I got a contraception implant (implanon) in my arm. can it set off metal

I'm not sure where you obtained information on the contraceptive implant on, but they are not made of metal, and as far as I am aware have never been, even when they were first available outside of clinical trials in the 80s. Therefore they could never set off an airport security alarm. You might ...

Answered: How to use gold digger ww22-21930 metal detector?

After using the gold metal detector I found that it is really a good device, it can not only help to save time but also can help you to save energy. And besides being used for looking for gold, the gold metal detectors can alao be used to help the archologist in finding treasures and used in many ...

Answered: What is the best hobby metal detector manufactured?

I dont know about the best, but the two most advanced and probably deepest metal detectors available today are the Whites Spectra V3 and Minelab's E-Trac . Minelabs Explorer is also right up there with the em.....

Answered: Need help to operate a garrett gti 2000 metal detector in erie pa

Quick solution.. who has time to read a manual, I knwo I don't no matter how small or short.. I have a Garrett 1350.. and I found the best way to "understand" it was to actually go to YouTube.. I typed in my model and .. there it was.. my own personal lesson that I could pause and follow along ...

Answered: I would like to know how deep underground will one of these home made

You would need to be more specific. You simply say, "these home made machines". Is it similar to the coil type you can buy at the store, or is it something else? Is it a science kit from one of the science project houses or what? Without knowing these things it is hard to tell how deep it will go ...
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Keeping metal from being dectected

A typical cellphone contains metallic elements, including its simcard. Metal detectors function based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Metal detectors contain one or more inductor coils that are used to interact with metallic elements.

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Snicker anonymous is another Rocmike alias.

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