what kind of licence need to sell food?

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Answered: Auctioneer in Sarasota, Fl ??????? primative antiques. 30x40 barn and

We are interested in coming up to look and buy some the stuff. You can contact us at 954-630-1385. We buy antiques, collectibles and etc.

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Answered: Danvers mass Store name that sells electrical ... such as lamps

Lamps are sold in just about every store you can think of. Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes. Are you always this clueless?

Answered: Can I sell my house cheap to another person without a mortgage and then

You need to consult a bankruptcy attorney, but selling or transferring assets right before a bankruptcy can not only be a problem, it may be illegal besides you may just make it easier for your creditors to get to your assets (cash from the sale vs. having to sell a home). Don't make such a move ...

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Can i sell imported food products in my house or do i need a certain

You would need to check with your Health Department because I believe it would be against the law other wise to do so. I think Imported food might be a little tricky since some may have restrictions. Better to be safe than sorry.

Where can i find a place to sell my 122 pieces of ...

all pawn shops will not take dinnerware.all im saying is try. it will be easier to call places first. yet another idea is, word of mouth. ask at your local corner store,bank,grocer. im unimployeed also, i no where your coming from. dont give up. god will lead you in the right direction.

Antique display case..need value and need to sell it

I had a father inlaw that was an antique dealer ...loved him, but he knew how to make money at that game! not a crook but grey areas in the bussiness!lol any way let me know how things work out !!!

I want to Sell my old Car

Contact Bigcashcar to sell your old car and get cash for cars . Visit www.bigcashcar.com or call them on toll free no. 866-816-2126.