what kind of indian was tonto?

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Answered: What is a pole celt? indian relic

It is a polished stone, meant to be attached to a pole. Unlike an arrowhead, which is primarily a hunting implement or weapon, a celt is designed to be a tool, closer to an ax than an arrow.

Answered: I am Indian myself and I do not usually like the food that restaurants

Indian restaurants often can make a dish less spicy or more spicy if you ask. For American tastes it will usually not be as spicy as in India. If you go to a South Indian restaurant it will be hotter than a North India restaurant. Certain dishes like vindaloo curry may be hotter than others.

Answered: What type of indian was tonto the lone ranger companion

It's likely that he was a Potowatomie, since both Tonto & Kemosabe are (supposedly) words from their language. What a Michigan Indian was doing in Texas is beyond me!

Answered: Hugo Flaxman Kumar, Indian artist

Hugo Flaxman Kumar Artist London VIP Rank 243 Indian Art Born 1964. Currently in London UK. Originally from, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Public school/University education, graduated 1987. Speaks: English and Hindi. www.indiaonlinepages.com facebook.com/hugoflaxman.kumar http://person ...

Answered: It is a doubtless fact that Indian food can be ...

Indian food is as diverse as the people who devised it. In coastal areas, fish is an essential part of the diet (although not particularly heavy on shell fish surprisingly enough). Inland, you will find very tasty and surprisingly high protein vegan cooking and lamb recipes that are just plain ...

Answered: What equipment do i need to cook Indian cuisine?

Indian Cooking - Techniques and Equipment
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Can indian takeaway food be healthy? has anyone got any tips on which

indian takeawa food can be as healthy as any takeaway food ie little. as for sugggestions for keeping calories down cut on white flour fats sugar potatoes white rice grains too much beans and such and any beverages except water and 0% milk and natural juices thou full fruits are better cos u need ...

How many calories are in your typical indian chicken korma? and are there

There is no such thing as a 'typical' korma. Kormas probably originated in some form in Persia and were brought to India by the Moghul Empire in the 16th century. The name is derived from the Hindi word for braising and what defines the dish is that the meat or vegetables are braised in a sealed pot ...

Where can i find indian chicken recipes?

here, i recommend you this good site, http://www.indianchickenrecipez.com/ enjoy!

What are some good recipes for Indian food at home ...

Just go to my blog to have some great indian food recipes : http://nirankarrestaurent.wordpress.com Best Indian Restaurant in Brunswick : http://www.nirankar.com.au