What kind of gun does Rick Harrison carry?

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Answered: Im a bussiness owner in the state of new jersey i was wondering how to

Chris, contact your local police to find out how to get a permit. Good luck.

Answered: Do i need to register my hand gun to keep it in my truck or home in

Florida concealed carry laws are a little odd. It is best to check with an attorney who defends gun owners routinely.

Answered: In NC and SC do you have to have a permit to carry ...

Felons cannot carry any sort of weapon. As for local laws, contact your local police station to find out everything. Good luck.

Answered: Where can I find a comprehensive look at gun laws ...

handgunlaw.us is my go-to resource on that front. If you're wanting to carry concealed, your best bet is typically to get an out-of-state Florida concealed weapons permit. Information for the FL CWP can be found here . Also, drop by my website, Shooters' Journal - I've got an article on snub ...

Answered: Do i need a permit to carry a stun gun?

Every body above the age of 18 can carry a stun gun for their personal defence purpose,even some restriction are there like you cant use them in certail public places like schools etc.To more about the different laws in different states in US have a visit here http://www.ninjacops.com

Answered: Carrie Underwood

No, that's not Steve. If it was him there would have been a demeaning, sexist or racist remark. Or all 3.
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Permit to carry about to expire, what do I need to do to renew? and were

The issuing authority that granted your Concealed Weapons Permit/License (different states call it different things) is the one you must contact. Generally, if you use open-carry, in rural areas and in your home or business, concealed carry restrictions do not apply. In Washington, we must have a ...

Guns and Santa

This doesn't matter!!!!!!!!!!!! The deadliest threat in the world to little children is Legos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Legos are brightly colored to attract little children!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then the children put them in their mouths and a moment later the child is dead having strangled to death on ...

Montana guns laws and sex offenders...

No You need a clean record.

How can I get Doug Harrison to forgive me?

Don't worry. Forgive yourself, mark it down as an experience and move on with your life