what kind of fish in lake okeechobee?

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Answered: Alligator population in lake okeechobee,Fl.

I have no idea how many gators are in Lake Okeechobee but I do find it interesting that when we have sold lake weed tools and lake weed equipment to many florida lakes including Okeechobee that customers tend to order as long of a handle as possible to avoid being out in the lake or pond around the ...

Answered: Surf Fishing

Surf fishing is the sport related to catch the fish,surf fishing is catching the fish from the sea beach.Fish surfers usually use some specific location for catching the fish like sandy and rocky beaches,surfcasting is also a term that is relevant to the surf fishing.

Answered: Is there a difference between whiting and lake trout or are they the same

No, Whiting has actually become a general for several species. Have a look for yourself (According to Wikipedia). Whiting fish , Lake trout .

Answered: Need a line to salt water surf fishing

looking to charter a fishing boat for the day

Answered: Can you fish from a pier or the shore at Lake Okeechobee? Afraid of

I see you have been watching movies of huge scary crocs that eat entire villages! Seriously though, alligators wont bother you if you don't bother them or act like a potential food source. I've lived in FL for about 15 years and never had one even attempt to get close to me. Whatever you do never ...

Answered: I want fish my lake but it does not have any ice ...

If your lake is ice free just take your boat and fish real slow. Cold water makes most fish very sluggish. If it gets close to freezing, bass, bream, crappie, and bluegill go next to dormant and head to the bottom. They might breathe once every three minutes and won't be interested in bait ...
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Is there fishing on Lake Elsinore? If so, can you rent fishing boats and

PROFESSIONAL MARINE SERVICE for Boat Rentals on Elsinore 909-678-4028 Not sure about the fishing tho.

Lake Trout

It depends on where you plan on doing your fishing. Where I live, it is usually good around April (plus or minus).

Which kinds of fish hook should I use for fishing the fishes

For rainbow trout in streams: Morning: I like to yse a 1/0 thin wire hook, load it with either dough balls or salmon eggs, leave at least 2' of line tied directly to the hook, a stop and a sliding sinker less than an ounce. Early afternoon: either flies or deep running jigs with very few feathers ...

How can I catch bass that are in an overfished, heavy pressure lake?

Short answer: With a lot of patience. Fishing is a hit or miss sport. There is no guarantee that every fisherman is going to be a catcherman. Bass fishing is seasonal. They are going to spawn in late spring, so you want to be fishing between April and June when they are preparing for the spawn ...