what kind of discount does home depot give aarp members?

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Answered: AARP membership

I'm not real sure why you're telling us, but I admit that I was rather disappointed in AARP, as well. As far as I'm concerned, the organization is run strictly for the benefit of their corporate partners. Although the official stance of the organization is that they don't endorse products or ...

Answered: Frontier phone company discounts for disabled and ...disabled

Hopefully AOL or someone will see that this gets forwarded to Frontier Phone Company for this needy lady?

Answered: Home depot cabinet lawsuit. We purchased cabinets ...

If you got a copy of your order with the name of the manufacture, discription, color or stain, item numbers, and cost then Home Depot needs to make right. Hope you haven't paid in full yet.

Answered: Home Depot Stores In Mexico

If you visit homedepot.com.mx you can probably find store locations near you. I wonder if they accept the Home Depot credit card in Mexico.
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Aarp discounts for members

saversclub.us check it out!

What is home depot piercing policy?

anything past a double piercing you either have to take out or cover with a bandaid. source (home depot employee i bought paint from who had sick snake bites that had to be covered with bandaids XD)

How to build a hanging wall planter, home depot?

For that you should review the plan of your house and consult with a good custom home design services providers for assistance and support throughout the construction. You might also see the servicing after the construction for maintenance.