what kind of choke is on a 1984 K20?

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Answered: Comacuse Brother 1984

I would like to see the picture of the Comacuse Brothers 1984

Answered: Muscus choking

Yes. But it's not very common. Ordinarily, if it is just mucus (not solid) and goes down the throat, it goes down to the stomach and passes; if you gagged on it, you would normally spit it up and be ok (it's not like having a solid piece of food go down the wrong way (in the air tube to the lungs ...

Answered: I have extremely bad choking spells. I have never ...

Hi Carolyn, I had and stiill have ckoking spells. i just had one several hours ago after parking in a Costco parking lot. I did not drink nor eat anything within hours. My PCP refered me to a gasologist where they did an X-ray of my throat. Results were I had bone spears? Not much can be done ...

Answered: What choke to use for skeet?

There are special chokes made just for shooting skeet. Briley, the largest mfgr of choke tubes in the U S A lists three different ones. They aren't ALL that expensive, so why not buy two, or even all three? Try them out to see which one works best for you. An Improved Skeet choke (the most ...
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