what kind of attorney handles prenuptial agreements?

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Answered: What Is A Prenuptial Agreement?

Your question is What Is A Prenuptial Agreement? An agreement between a man and a women who are about to be married, governing the financial and the propertyarrangements between them in the event of a divorce, death, or even the marriage. Such an agreement may override obgliations or rights by ...

Answered: Do you think a prenuptial agreement is a good thing?

Having been through a nasty divorce I believe in the power of the prenuptial agreement for everyone. Who should consider a prenup? Anybody who is getting married. If you have no money or assets, the prenuptial agreement doesn't have to be elaborate and can just say that you both agree that if ...

Answered: How to write a prenuptial agreement

It's really, really important that both you and your spouse-to-be each have an agreement, and that the separate agreements are drawn up by an experienced divorce lawyer. One who knows the ropes. To minimize possible future legal and court hassles, it is extremely important that both people can ...

Answered: Should i have a prenuptial agreement before we get married?

Yes, If you have any large assets such as a home, stocks, business, inheritance, retirement fund, etc. Or If you plan on getting a degree soon, have some one you take care of such as a child, grandchild, parent, etc. If your about to get a degree then you could also benefit from having a prenuptial ...

Answered: Prenutial agreement

The prenuptual agreement is valid as soon as you put your signature on it. Therefore, there is not a time period that you have to wait to get married. You could get married right away if you wish.

Answered: Prenuptial agreement

My fiance and I have been going over an prenupt for months. We prepared one on June 17th and are getting married on July 19th. I saw my lawyer on th June 19th and he is still reviewing my fiance has not retained a lawyer and hopes to have one by July 7th or 8th. We are in agreement and hope that ...
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Marriage with no prenup

Yes, especially if the prenup I presented was disadvantageous for him/her, or if the prenup tried to separate finances during the marriage. Prenups should only protect was was owned individually before the marriage. Marriage should be a partnership. If you are going to keep finances separate, why ...

Can the assigned Power of Attorney end the agreement if he/she no longer

Yes, the power of attorney agent can appoint successors to procede them in the event they become unable to perform their duties or upon death.

Unsatisfied with ex-attorney

Thank You for your input I will contact the state bar.

Problems with my attorney - not returning calls and I've never met him

I suspect that you will be needing a new attorney. If your court date is in January, you will need to find one right away. Your new counsel should have better luck in retrieving your files. Geraldine Brown is licensed in Michigan and practices Estate Planning, Elder Law and Probate Law.