What kind of animal is flurpy?

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Answered: Science, animals

They get hatched, they grow, sometimes they change shape, and often they are eaten. F. Kafka

Answered: How to find a job about anime?

As for animation, that takes years and years of school training, as well as utterly spectacular artistic skills. Working as an animator in Japan is even more difficult, as it requires you to have a solid grasp on conversational Japanese along with the previously mentioned skills. On top of that, as ...

Answered: Due to a part time job in a animal farm i have to make a research paper

Thank you.nice job.there have some books in the market about this type of research paper.you can also contact with some experts.they will give you the right direction.and you can take some online helps also. i can give you a site where you can get thesis paper,research paper and lots of things.you ...

Answered: Animation

Use your movie maker, then use a video converter to make in into a YouTube supported format. Then upload as normal.

Answered: What animals live in my zip code 91401 cricket magazine

There are several species of bat in Van Nuys, California. The Ding Bat. Known to frequent gin mills, and make friends with Obama while he is under the table. The Baseball Bat. The Van Nuys Blue Jays are known to swing this at baseballs and miss -- a lot, accounting for their 2-60 season last ...

Answered: Heart touching anime.

If you want to see anime with a good story and graphics, I suggest looking for the movies Sprited Away and Princess Monunuke. They are both award winning anime made by Studio Gibhli.
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Well if you want some recommendation on good anime series you can visit http://www.wanani.me


The beautiful thing about animators is we LOVE to do what we do. We'd probably being doing it for free. So getting paid just enough to scrap by when you first start out isn't a huge deal because we simply love to come to work. I get up everyday skipping into the studio! Although think I work at the ...

Are humans animals?

We are certainly not plants. Humans belong to the Animal kingdom, Vertebrates, Mammals, Hominids. But some meanings of animal are to distinguish man from other mammals.

What are some transforming anime?Ecspecially the ones where the guys

I take it from your AOL Answers Icon...you want to transform a dude into a horse or some magical creature. In reality...a pig or a dog would be easier...they do that naturally. Ok...click on the link below and read for some info. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shapeshifting Good Luck.