what kind of a pill is white /pink soots oval shape on one side it has a v the other side has 3604?

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Answered: One brown and one white brazilian diet pill

Yes they work!!! A lady by the name of Tolisha Jones has them. Her email is Teebooking@gmail.com cell phone number 786-319-6794

Answered: Pink oval shaped rash with dark red center, only one on right side of

Rashi rides in on his camel to tell the OP to use some bogus herbal product even though Rashi has no clue what is wrong with the OP. It is unscrupulous weasely scammers like Rashi who literally put people's lives at risk with their ripoff products. The fact AOL allows these spammers only gives them ...

Answered: Additives to reduce soot in candles

you might use soy candles instead of paraffin candles

Answered: I found a half of a white and round pill. On one ...

I think you may have found a corticosteroid. I only have half of the information but if you found a half of a white round pill, one half would have the numbers 80 and on the back it would look like a capital J which is actually part of a capital V if the pill was whole. Do not take this pill. It is ...

Answered: Has anyone got any tips on what hair styles suit ...

A center bang with a little curl under would be cuteee also cut it a little about your shoulder and get lots of layers...if your hair is dark maybe lighten it up a little alsoo
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See if this web site can help you. Otherwise I would throw it out.

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Try "Warning" by Jenny Joseph.

What does it mean when something says to take one softgel daily?

one day = a 24 hour period take = to swallow. (This is best done with a liquid.) Softgel = the direct object.

Id this pill its pink letter m on one side #594 on other

It is a generic oxycontin 20 mg (controlled release oxycodone) **This is a narcotic pain reliever . Some of the most common side effects include: drowsiness, nausea, dry mouth and constipation . http://www.prescriptiondrug-info.com/prescription_drug_info.asp?Drug=Oxycodone&Page=1001490