what jewelry maker uses a star, 487, VI and BREV and 750 as its hallmarks for jewelry?

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Answered: What karat is jewelry hallmarked VI58 750?

I suggest you to google search on this knowledge. I wish you good luck!

Answered: Jewelry stamped 14k lgx

Vermeil Rich in golden color, many of our fine jewelry pieces are crafted with vermeil. The industry standard definition of vermeil is sterling silver that is plated with 10k gold with a minimum of 2.5 microns in thickness for longwearing durability. At Blue Nile, we strive to offer a higher ...

Answered: How to sell used gold jewelry?

Recently I contacted Silver Gold into Cash for selling my old jewellery and they offered me the best price for it.

Answered: What does the mark ADL after 10K mean on gold jewelry?

French for "avoirdupois". "goods of weight"

Answered: Jewelry Hallmark

I think that depending on the year of pieces , one can tell its hall mark and the hall mark is not know by all , you can get to know the hall mark ot it by any jeweller. Tags:- ear jewelry | captive rings | Visit ear jewelry Blog

Answered: Craigslist Nashville, used cars for sale by owner

Yeah, so what's your question? Does this look like Craigslist? Do we look like used car salesmen?
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Jewelry making

A crimp bead is a small bead usually 2x2 mm, which is used as a separator or helps keep beads from sliding on a necklace. Usually, these beads are made of sterling silver as they are more resistant. You would place your crimp beside the bead that you want to hold in place, take some pliers, and ...

What is a Jewelry Hallmark?

Hallmarks are most often found on precious metal objects. Jewelry is exempted from hallmarking under certain circumstances.Hallmark is a simple metal, reflecting the metal pieces of jewelry in a number of indent. This ensures that the metal was pure, not a manufacturer's logo. Tags:- piercings ...

Gold jewelry is a good option for party wear?

I think for a party you should wear diamond or platinum jewelry. Gold jewelry look fabulous on some other occasions such as marriage etc. For some latest and trendy collection of jewelry you can visit http://www.babyshoecharms.com/

What age group attending our jewelry school?

It's your school!!! If you don't know, how the heck are we supposed to know? Another ridiculous question.