What it was was Baseball recorded by Andy Griffith?

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Answered: Andy Griffith

Andy Griffith is alive and well in coastal North Carolina. He's married to Cindy Knight, a former citizen of Jacksonville, Florida. They are happily married, live on a large ranch. Andy doesn't do many if any interviews. He's very, very private and is quite different than the Andy Taylor of the Andy ...

Answered: Littleleague baseball player who made it to big leagues

Joey Jay was the first Little Leaguer to make it to the major leagues in 1953.

Answered: What was the name of the baseball stadium for san luis los algadones in

The town team in san luis mexico was called los algadones back in the late seventies early eighties

Answered: Who has the most consecutive times on base in major league baseball world

Billy Hatcher with nine in 1990, tied by David Ortiz in 2013.

Answered: High school baseball question

As I understand it, if the runner is trying for second and a throw goes out of play (maybe on a play at home), the runner gets the base (second) plus one more base (third). If the runner was trying for first, a right fielder might try to throw him out; if that throw goes out of play, the batter ...
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What is the MLB's Most Unbreakable Record ?

Cy Young's complete games and wins records are so unreachable I would be willing to bet no 3 pitchers combined in the future would come close to the complete games mark. It would take one pitcher winning 20 games a season for 25 years-and then still be over a half a year short to top the wins record ...

Beach theme embroidered baseball hats where can i locate, Peace Love and

try to look some on the malls or in your local market.

Which two baseball lengends went to break babe ruths homerun record

Roger Maris with 61 broke Ruth's single-season record of 60, later surpassed by McGwire and Sosa. Hank Aaron with 755 broke Ruth's career record of 714. Barry Bonds later broke both the single-season record with 73 and the career record with 762.

Big West Baseball scoreless inning record

On May 14, 1914, Washington Senators pitcher Walter Johnson throws his 54th consecutive scoreless inning in Sportsman Park, Illinois , leading his Washington Senators to victory over the St. Louis Browns, 10-5. With the win, Johnson broke a 1910 record set by Jack Coombs of the Philadelphia ...