what is yellow stainless steel?

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Answered: I have recently found an old stainless steel ...

You could try here: Thermos® -- Hot Matters. Cold Matters. It Matters. Fill out the form and as best you can discribe the bottle you have. They may be able to help you find one. If you have an "OLD country hardware store" around, you might try there also.

Answered: Stainless Steel

It is important to check whether the build up formed is rust over the metal. If it is rust, you need to clean it off immediately before it spreads and spoils the remaining surface. Deposition of any kind of dust or pollutant might have also caused this. You need to treat it accordingly. If it is ...

Answered: What does it mean when they say stainless steel is 18/10

Long life: Stainless Steel does not require any protective coating. There is negligible weight loss. The strong stainless steel body resists all wear and tear - thus giving wide time interval between purchase & replacement. Frankly,Stainless Steel is not at all costly. Very low maintenance and ...

Answered: Price of stainless steel used in medical field.

I an not a doctor but I believe that the stainless steel you refer to is actually Titanium which is very expensive

Answered: Difference between stainless steel

brushed nickel is a metal that has a nickel plating, stainless steel is an alloy of iron and chromium. stainless steel grades
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Stainless Steel Cleaner

Midland Steel Equipment Ltd. steel lockers are manufactured on the premises from quality coated steel and are suitable for any area of industry and commerce requiring personal lockable storage facilities.

Is there something i need to do before i use my stainless steel set so

I always warm it up, use PAM and wipe it out with a paper towel before cooking. It helps avoid sticking and makes cleaning easier.

Stainless steel cups/jars/petri dishes

To husband and wife--thank you for your response. I will check out the Container Store and see if they can help me. Thanks again!

How to cleaan a burned non stainless steel pot?

If you're talking about burned on food, usually an oven cleaner like Easy Off or some such will do the job for you. If you do use it, be sure to wear some heavy chemical resistant gloves, something like Playtex gloves. If you're talking about discoloration (dark blue, maybe) from overheating the ...