what is yelka in russia?

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Answered: Is Russia Nuclear?

Rest assured, Russia is very much a player in the special arms game. We sold most of our largest weapons to America in 1990-1991, at the end of the cold war, in exchange for our lend-lease debt from WWII. If anyone is foolish enough to provoke the Bear, they will feel its swat.

Answered: Who ruled Russia in 1918

Alexander Kerensky, to the best of my knowledge. He was a moderate, a "Menchevick" -- but his regime was soon toppled by the Soviets, or "Bolshevicks". Had Kerensky remained in power, Russia most probably would have become a constitutional monarchy. But the good news, (for monarchists, that is ...

Answered: Mother Sends Adopted Boy Back to Russia

The whole thing was a tragedy. Children adopted from Russia are supervised by trained adoption professionals (like myself) for three years post-adoption. We LOOK for problems and provide solutions early before things get difficult. My understanding is that this woman did not indicate to any adoption ...

Answered: Russia Halts Adoptions to USA

I also think it was appropriate. Until they can be sure that their children won't be messed around and sent back on a plane-alone-why should they allow it to continue? They need to examine the current situation and see whether it is really safe to continue. There is fault on both sides of the ...

Answered: Which country is more evil-Russia or the USA?

What a pity that Tadpole only agitates hatred, cannot reason, and lives only on bitterness. Is that why wars begin ONLY with left wing extremists and their lies? Then, we all know who to blame for all the evil that ever took place, do we not? Think about it.

Answered: What happens at a traditional Russian wedding?

Ah, weddings. Nothing warms a Russian more than to see their children start new families. We view it not as the loss of a son or daughter, but the gain of a daughter or son. Most weddings are in Russian, with a Russian Orthodox minister presiding, now that they are in practice once more. We also ...
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Muslims are prudish in the very worst way. Women must never the sun show their face. Yet they murder 300 kids every day. What could be worse than that disgrace?

What is the origin of Russia's name?

i think the name of russia goes far too deep into history. in sanskrit rishi = saint.. in hinduism saints travelled northwards to lands of snow for penance. over ages i guess the region where saints or rishis stayed came to b known in its current word russia..also if u guys have heard the news that ...

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It makes you wonder why he does the things he does. Is he playing president, or does he have other ideas for the country. interesting huh,

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Obama is a PLANT, Does anyone know anything about him, NO, he has gone to the best schools, never held a JOB, made trips to PAKISTAN, HOW!!! it all takes money. HE is a PLANT to DESTROY our COUNTRY, why would anyone BOW to a SAUDI KING, RUN DOWN AMERICA in EUROPE, CITIZENS OF AMERICA, ( not ...