What is Yanni's religious belief?

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Answered: Christian or Religious Nation

The US was not established under God or any other imaginary creature. The God part was added later.

Answered: There are charms throughout all types of religious beliefs, and I love

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Answered: End Times?

Lido Answered:Mark Thomas, you should know that antichrist is a man. I certainly do not claim infallibility, nor do I insist that everyone agree with me. But allow me one more point of interest regarding the matter., you think it will be a man instead of satan himself. I’m sure that we ...

Answered: Religious question on being a Jew

They like mutilating cocks.

Answered: What Are Catholic Church Beliefs?

The idiot up above me sounds like Reverend Cooper.
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Love Matches and Religious Beliefs?

Love is blind and it don't think about the religions :)

As a Catholic, what is your belief in the Bible and the Christian

There is no way to answer you because you have posted a pamphlet with dozens of arguments. I have read all these arguments before. They have all been addressed by Catholic writers over the centuries. I suggest you study them and learn what Catholicism is really and stop giving your interpretation ...

How to explain christian beliefs to someone who does not know much about

How sad and lonely is the leftist Muslim Atheist posters life? Under the alias he's posting under now he has 40 posts in 3 hours and just posted on a question nobody has been on in 6 years. Does anyone think this is normal behavior?


I WAS WRONG ROCMIKE ALREADY PUT PORN ON MY POST AND IS STILL POSTING. HE'S GOING TO MAKE UP FOR THE TIME THAT HE WASN'T POSTING. WHAT A LOSER.-------------------------------------- Rocmike's is still posting but he did give us a little break today.-------It was nice not seeing his aliases on every ...