What is written on Louis Pasteur's Tombstone Inscription?

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Answered: Example inscription for baby book. I can't find ideas of what to write in

Well, it's been a day, so this is fair game When you were born you were a mess You whined a lot, you were undressed Now some will think me quite deranged But years went by, you haven't changed.

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Are you as thankful as the democrats that Rocmike and his kind are republicans? You can not feel sorry for the republican party. They are the ones who invited these low IQ far right extremist birther teabaggers into their party. It worked at first but the more the American people have seen of ...

Answered: Years, Months and Days Shown on Tombstones/Headstones

I believe that this boils down to personal preference on what you want it to say vs. a specific rule or regulation.

Answered: Lame ducks and empty chairs.

What a pity that lame duck Democrats will always be the dullest of all retarded fools. Is that why they vote for empty hairs, racist fools, and town drunks? Oh well, leftists will always be leftists, because they are all that stupid. Fortunately, typical brain dead leftist frauds are all out of ...

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badcogirl1 , Where did the item come from , did you purchase it was it given to you as a gift ? My sister in laws ... sister purchased a beaded bag at a thrift store that reminded her of one her grandmother had . She took the bag to someone who had knowledge of beaded bags . As it turned out she ...

Answered: Clueless Obama, the empty chair of Pennsylvania Avenue.

No qualified voter wanted a criminal like Obama in office. Maybe that is why the Democrats are so wild and bitter over any effort to control their well known tombstone voter scandal. Why would anyone who is not a raving leftist hatemonger side woth a corrupt gang of common criomilals and racists ...
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