what is worse, parkinson's or ms?

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Answered: Parkinsons

I'm new to this forum so I hope this gets to you. I was diagnosed with PD in 1983 when I was 33 and literally there was little to no info other than medical books. When I went to the library... yes, PCs were not common if they existed at all...and the only info they had was a paragraph in the ...

Answered: I am a 45 year old man who has Parkinson’s disease, I wanted to see if

Wow!! You've got Parkinson's and are newly diagnosed as a diabetic?? That is a heavy-duty combo. What meds are you on now for the Parkinson's?

Answered: What people are taking for MS

Unfortunately there is no magic pill that cures MS or relieves all of it's symptoms; however there are different medications and therapies, which lessen many symptoms, shorten attacks, and may slow down the expected slow and ongoing progression of Multiple Sclerosis. Listed below are a few of the ...

Answered: Youngest Parkinson's victim

a friend of mine from high school wuz diagnosed with PD at the age of 17 during our senior year.

Answered: Why president picks worse of worse?

Until the Republicans took their new Senate seats January 3, the Democrats could confirm anyone without any Republican votes. Why does the president pick the most left-wing person? That's because he wants left-wingers, which Republicans could block if he waited. If you are a Republican, those are ...
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