what is Vladimir Putins iq?

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Answered: Putin says: Iran nuke plans 'Peaceful'... is this true?

Zuzak, I am sorry to have to tell you this, but the information you seek is classified. It is that way for good reason, believe me. However, I have to grimly concur with OronD: never trust a Russian any farther than you can throw him. And make sure that when you do, have friends handy to keep him ...

Answered: I have a 112 iq is that good

Yes that is above average, can I ask what IQ test you took the only accurate one is this one

Answered: How can I get my IQ rating?

Try this out it is free :) http://bit.ly/bg6oMN

Answered: Who has the more powerful IQ power Male or Female.

Men nor woman, it absolutely does not matter! One does not have a higher IQ than the other. It totally depends on the person. There are geniuses that are both men and women. While some {People} may be more inclined to be more unintelligent than others and some {People} may be more inclined to be ...

Answered: Is The IQ Deficient

ROCMIKE IS NOW POSTING UNDER HIS ALIAS BROTHER BILL. WHAT A SAD LONELY PATHETIC LIFE THIS INSANE SCHIZO HAS.-------------Rocmike did post both ways and judging by his porn that what he likes to do. He posted under anonymous and his Snicker anonymous. He posted his porn. He he has spent hours and ...
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Instead of the indiscriminately forced-aborting one-child Policy, why can

Just as an FYI, something similar to this was tried by a group headed up by Adolph Hitler and his band of merry men. Hitler committed suicide when he discovered a very large segment of the world population disagreed with him. A number of the merry men were tried and convicted of crimes against ...

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I agree with you. Not only second hand books, but libraries too. Most important I think is your second point-children need to be loved and nurtured-and that doesn't cost a penny.

Zac's Efron's IQ

He should take the real IQ test at http://bit.ly/bg6oMN

Obama or Putin

I think this (immediately preceeding posting) sums it up most accurately.