what is Vladimir Putins iq?

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Answered: Putin says: Iran nuke plans 'Peaceful'... is this true?

Zuzak, I am sorry to have to tell you this, but the information you seek is classified. It is that way for good reason, believe me. However, I have to grimly concur with OronD: never trust a Russian any farther than you can throw him. And make sure that when you do, have friends handy to keep him ...

Answered: I have a 112 iq is that good

Yes that is above average, can I ask what IQ test you took the only accurate one is this one

Answered: How can I get my IQ rating?

Try this out it is free :) http://bit.ly/bg6oMN

Answered: Who has the more powerful IQ power Male or Female.

Men nor woman, it absolutely does not matter! One does not have a higher IQ than the other. It totally depends on the person. There are geniuses that are both men and women. While some {People} may be more inclined to be more unintelligent than others and some {People} may be more inclined to be ...

Answered: High IQ what is a normial score for a 8 year old boy

100 is always average but can I ask were you tested them, the only accurate test is this one
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Instead of the indiscriminately forced-aborting one-child Policy, why can

Just as an FYI, something similar to this was tried by a group headed up by Adolph Hitler and his band of merry men. Hitler committed suicide when he discovered a very large segment of the world population disagreed with him. A number of the merry men were tried and convicted of crimes against ...

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I agree with you. Not only second hand books, but libraries too. Most important I think is your second point-children need to be loved and nurtured-and that doesn't cost a penny.

Zac's Efron's IQ

He should take the real IQ test at http://bit.ly/bg6oMN

Putin "Person of the Year"... why??

climbingstitch , I`m Russian and live in Russia, and even I never voted for Putin as our president, I think he worthy to become the person of the year.I want to ask the person who writes in his answer about the "dark past "of Putin- can he prove it?Or he just wrote it without any proof?And advice ...