What is VIn Scully's annual salary with the Dodgers?

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Answered: Vin Scully ...

No, but I met this J/O one time who thought it would be just swell to make a joke about innocent people being blown up by terrorists. He was a real funny guy. NOT.

Answered: Should Mark Cuban buy the Dodgers?

Just what we need another liberal loony in liberal town Why does a small-budget movie like Brian De Palma's “Redacted” matter? Because of the ripple effects. The media have reported the film as "a ferocious argument against the engagement in Iraq for what it is doing to everyone involved ...

Answered: Bob has two job offers with a starting salary of ...

So if he goes to Chicago, he won't be the butt of any jokes? Uncle Frank

Answered: Salary

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Answered: Does anybody really think ...

Wow!!!!!!!!! You all must be Angel fans. Because i don't think real LA Dodger fans would be so negative. SO, they did make it to playoffs, and they will beat the CUBS. The cubs suck!!!!!!!!!!! Thay had a good year big deal. All of these teams at some point or another have a good year, the rockies ...
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