what is utilitarianism, ethical egoism, and ethics of care?

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Answered: Ethics

Many companies have such an ethics and compliance number, but we don't know what company you are talking about.

Answered: America spoke, we're Republican and that is official.

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Answered: What is an example of how corporate culture influences the ethical

Corporate America has shown benevolence and commitment to the community above and beyond the call of duty, and it is not for the sake of money: it is for the sake of people. Leftists on the other hand have shown us what hatred and bigotry do, but scant little else. It is well said that if you see ...

Answered: Ethics

Ethics is a code of conduct developed by certain institutions and professions as their specific, rationally developed, vetted, mode of professional behavior. These are strict and agreed-to standards of discipline that no member of that profession may go below without censure, fine, or even ...

Answered: What ethical view supports the legalization of drugs?

Illegal drug money got Obama elected to the position of DC's empty chair and worst incurable bigoted sloppy ass drunk. That is why we'll never get rid of the illegal drugs Al Qaeda ships here by the ton every night.
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Why are ethics important in a society that already have so many laws?

As I see it and understand it, ethics are those things we as a humanbeings base our principles on. Example. A woman is being raped, we pass by, we react, we do something, we do it because a fellow is being molested. Because it is part of our ethical make-up we jump in without thinking. It is in ...

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Judaism is the true faith, although it is presently in a period of apostasy. That doesn't mean God left them. God is bringing them back into the fold surely and positively. Christianity is a sect of Judaism, hence that gives Christianity full legitimacy. Islam is purely spurious. There is ...

ABCNews.com Trying to find the Code of Ethics for ABC News.

I assume that you have contacted the three networks to ask them about a code of ethics. If not, I suggest you do that first. Many organizations do not have a written code of ethics because what is ethical to one person may not be ethical for another. For example, some viewers may find discussions ...

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This is what happens when you don't take your medication.