what is "Urlesque Daily" ??

what is "Urlesque Daily" ??

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Answered: Does Urlesque have a facebook?

Hi there! Kelly from Urlesque here. Hope to see you on our Facebook. We have a lot of fun over there. :)

Answered: DailyFinance-Stock Transfer Between Portfolios

RCH,I have the same question. In older versions there was a move option. Guess the programmers decided to "improve" the site. MB

Answered: I cannot post comment on Politics Daily. I closed pop uo blocker but

You many not see your comment post right away. In order to ensure a civilized and considerate dialogue on each of the articles published on Politics Daily, our team reads all comments before publishing them on the site. While this will require a slight delay between the submission of your comment ...

Answered: What is a ,acceptable amount for your daily sodium intake?

Sodium is VERY bad for anyone's blood pressure. It increases blood pressure. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends an amount of 2300mg of sodium per day. Most Americans have a 5400mg per day sodium intake - 134% above the recommended daily limit. High diastolic blood pressure is also ...

Answered: Daily masturbation is good or bad?if yes then what is their effects and

Daily masturbation tends to make human beings lethargic in life! Such people eventually lose interest in life! Act of masturbation was intended by God Almighty as a pressure release valve... so that society does not go haywire! Masturbation is an inherent trait of character... none could avoid! As ...
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I want to print the following article "14 Photos of Kids Opening Presents

To print an article, click on the printer icon above or below the article. On Urlesque, the icon should be below the article. This will take you directly to a Print window that displays your printer options. Follow the on-screen instructions to print from your chosen printer. For more printing ...

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