What is Tipper Gore doing these days?

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Answered: Al and Tipper Gore

In a special 80th anniversary edition of Broadcasting & Cable magazine (not online), former vice president Al Gore lays out his vision for how the American public is just desperately hungry for Current TV -- actual ratings numbers notwithstanding. To add humor on top of humor, Gore insisted ...

Answered: What day of the week is it ?

And ruin his week-end?

Answered: Cuban day parade

It doesn't matter what your nationality is, AOL does its best to make you look stupid. Like importing questions from a wide variety of site. I'm having to rethink the percentage of idiots here. I appreciate your response.

Answered: Cause of the day

Hi there: I apologize, but I don't understand your question. Could you provide me with additional information? Thank you.
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Oh-ho! The old menagerie a trois. or Menagerie a quatre, or cinq? Yeah, two out of three ain't bad, but four out of four is a killer.

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MK- I have a sneaking suspicion that if they, indeed, were good friends, then the marriage would not have ended. I doubt that there relationship now is a notch above toleration. Perhaps she will take him to the cleaners. The Green Cleaners. It is sad when I see couples break up. Most of ...

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No one sent any info on it, its for my best friend, so we will keep asking...but thank you very much for being there.