what is thoracic or lumbosacral neuritis?

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Answered: What causes lumbar neuritis

Neuritis is a broad term use to describe various diseases involving the inflammation of a nerve or a group of nerves. It is often associated with pain, changes in sensations, weakness , numbness, paralysis or muscle wasting. Neuritis along with other diseases that damage peripheral nerves are ...

Answered: AP Thoracic spine anatomical landmarks?

Sorry about the lateral pic, I didn't read your question that closely at first.

Answered: What is a thoracic doctor?

The word "thoracic" means anything to do with the chest or it's contents. But in terms of medical specialties thoracic goes with surgeon as opposed to the medical side which are called pulmonologists or cardiologists. Also a thoracic surgeon usually works on the lungs as opposed to a heart surgeon ...

Answered: Advanced treatment of spinal stenosis Do Neurosurgeons use laser or

I researched a book of contributions from back problem patients compiled by a writer who discovered that each specialist believes in his own approach. By far, the worst results are from the attention of neurosurgeons. A practitioner who gets referred patients who have tried other ways takes three or ...

Answered: What is small focal fluid collection within the prevertebral soft tissues

perforation of the esophagus with a fish bone or a post operative complication. If I only could have gotten my hands on the patient's medical records, I could have had a chance to shine. Madam Zarzamora

Answered: Thoracic outlet syndrome I went through a surgery ...

Hi Kikki, Have you tried physiotherapy, massage therapy or osteopathic manipulation? Ice and heat therapy could also help relieve the symptoms. Ice can be used to relieve the inflammation of the sore or affected muscle. Heat can also aid in relieving the sore muscles by improving the ...
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