What is Thomas in Norwegian?

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Answered: How do you say the days of the week in Norwegian?

Go to www.byki.com/tag/days and scroll down to 'Basic Words 03 (Norwegian).' When that opens, click 'List' to see the words; click 'Play' to hear the words pronounced. Here is a list of the days of the week: Sondag = Sunday Mandag = Monday Tirsdag = Tuesday Onsdag = Wednesday Torsdag = ...

Answered: FYI: Tak in Norwegian means roof or ceiling. Takk ...

I collect old apple box labels/posters. One had the letters TAK as the main feature and is done in some sort of archaic script. I'll bet they meant TAKK.

Answered: How can I learn Norwegian?

At this site, you can start to learn Norwegian online for free. If you want to pay for some software to help you out more, you can get this software program. Many Americans who work for the government, who need to learn another language quickly use this program . Good luck.

Answered: What percentage is Norwegian seafarers tax?

Seafarers are considered employees for all intents and purposes, and so are required to pay taxes even while abroad, as long as they are paid by a Norwegian company. There used to be incentive for ships, hoping to encourage the sea trade, but it is now mostly a thing of the past. There is a tonage ...

Answered: How would a person know if an antique cabinet from KY could have (maybe

Unless he signed it, you have the original bill of sale or there are features that are so distinctive they are immediately recognizable as his style, you can't positively tell. Even the best antiques assessor in the country could only tell you if it's the right style, region, wood and the right age ...
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He invented the potato chip

What year did cora lee thomas die?

The only Cora Lee Thomas I've found so far was born 4/19/1909. She died on 11/16/1988 in Houston, Chickasaw County, Mississippi; but will keep looking for Cora Lee Thomas in Albany, GA. Alternative method would be to go to the library and look up the census records for that county. If you're ...

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